Heimdal the Warlord

Weapon of choice: The Vanir Vindicator

A great warrior from Vanaheim who wields two battle axes painted as red as blood on sunlit
snow. His cunning ways on the battlefield left him in command of the great forces the war-
party of Vanquisher assembles. By the time Heimdal blows the war horn the enemies know
that the battle is already lost.

Since he became Warlord he stands tall and undefeated. Only once was he defeated in bloody
combat in his Vanaheim days by Conan of Cimmeria, whose last words to him were: "Not in
Vanaheim, but in Valhalla will you tell your brothers that you met Conan of Cimmeria.".

And so, after Heimdal’s ascent to Valhalla, he did indeed tell his brothers of the man who
slew him. And for being the last to stand on the bloody snows along with Conan, he was
rewarded with life anew for his bravery. His brothers in Valhalla would grant this under one
condition, though: that he would tell the rest of the world who it was that he met on that
battlefield where Wulfhere's reavers met the wolves of Bragi. And since then on, Heimdal’s
loyalty to this cause has put aside his rivalry to the Æsir and made him join the chosen
few who set out to do the same.

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