Gorm of the Pounding Hooves

Weapon of choice: The Thundering Twins

From out of Asgard comes Gorm of the Pounding Hooves. Rumor has it that the many battles
he took part of in his younger days, when he was yet to become a man, has caused him some
sort of dementia, seeing as he always finds himself in the middle of every battle he can join,
sometimes without any allegiance to anyone, it seems. He listens only to the pounding of his
heart and the drums of war, which send him back to his battle-filled past as a young boy
thirsty for bloodshed and drive him to issue his punishment to all those who stand in his way.
By his sides hang two maces known as The Thundering Twins, with which he cracks skulls,
splits bones and crushes armor alongside his brethren in the war-party Vanquisher.

Though some doubt his words, Gorm claims to have lain half-slain on the bloody field of
Wolraven as a boy and to then have seen the mythical and beautiful Atali, daughter of Ymir,
the frost giant, walk among the dead in the snow. Many from Asgard say he is delirious from
a sword cut on his head in his youth, but after Conan of Cimmeria claimed to have seen the
same thing, people are starting to reconsider Gorms words..